The DMI severe weather warning is effective from 9pm on Friday until 3am on Saturday, with Bornholm receiving the storm slightly later from 11pm Friday until 10am Saturday.

DMI warns of winds reaching storm strength at between 25 and 28 metres per second during those intervals.

“There may also be a risk of hurricane strength gusts locally, but that will not be very widespread,” Henriksen said.

Hurricane winds are considered strong enough to damage tiled roofs, snap large branches and caused trees to fall.

High water levels have also been warned of by DMI as a result of the storm, specifically on the west coast of Jutland.

Although the windy will be less severe after the storm passes, Henriksen said the blustery weather would persist throughout the weekend.

Periods of rain, hail, snow and even sun could variously occur on Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will be around 3-8 degrees Celsius.